Friday, June 25, 2010

Extreme Savings!

I have recently discovered that I can save my family tons of money by doing what I call "extreme couponing." Before now, I would always clip the coupons in the Sunday paper of the products I use, then I would use them at the store if I remembered to bring them. I found a great website Hip2Save and learned that I can get things for free and very very cheap. Score! I am definitely on a budget, and I LOVE saving my family money!

Extreme couponing is not for everyone. It takes time to clip the coupons, organize them, and research the weekly deals. I love doing it but some find it a chore.

I usually get three double coupon Sunday papers, and along with the one paper that my husband has delivered to our home, that means usually seven of each of the coupons. Which is great because when I find something at a low price or free, I can snag myself seven of them and then I will not have to buy it again till I find another great deal on that particular product!

Here are some of my recent trips and the savings I have accomplished:

Total Retail - $144.88
Total Out of Pocket - $38.37
Total Savings - $106.51

Total Retail - $49.80
Out of Pocket - $6.92
Total Savings - $42.88

Total retail: $40.22
Total out of pocket: $21.01
Total savings: $19.21

Target is not the only store I use for my savings, but I do find a lot of my deals there. It is my favorite store!

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